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Haier Air Purifier KJF600KCAA

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Product details of Haier Air Purifier KJF600KCAA

  • CADR : 500M3/h
  • Power :55W /DC220V ( Speed 3)with DC motor
  • Noise Level (dB [A]) :69 dB for Speed 3
  • Coverage :less than 60 sq meters
  • 3 in 1 filter :Pre-filter to filter breathable big particle such as hair, dander etc.
  • 99% HEPA type filter to filter 0.3 micron small floating particles such as dust, pollen, smoke, the efficiency can exceed 99.97%.
  • Active carbon filter to resolve and attract poisnous odors such as formadehyde,benzene,ammonia,VOCs,nicotine etc, efficiency can exceed 95%.
  • 10 million negative ion output to fresh indoors air and breathe easier.
  • PM 2.5 value digital display.
  • Voc value digital display.
  • Timer with 24H option.
  • Hepa with timer (2,000 hours)and indicator to show when to clean the filter.
  • With handle for easy carrying.
  • Three fan speeds.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Quick smoke removal mode.
  • Automatic switch off once inlet panel removed.
  • Touch panel for operation.

Specifications of Haier Air Purifier KJF600KCAA

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